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by a norman amateur watercolorist

Gilbert Guillotin
june 1995: in the streets of Dijon

The Artist:

Quite young, he proved a great interest for painting and he developed a great admiration for Corot. Due to lack of time, it’s only in 1995 that he became an amateur watercolorist. Most of his paintings represent the landscapes of Normandy,where he lives.
His first job pertaining to high electronic technology, kept him away, for quite a long period, from his easel and painting exhibitions. But, during this period, fitted with his "Rolleiflex",  he developed an ever increasing photographic interest for the natural environment, expressed in black & White.
Years later, he comes back to graphic art by the bias of professional photography and for same he obtains quite a few rewards and distinctions and amongst others, the famous title of "Meilleur Ouvrier de France".
His ramblings in the Pays d’Auge naturally guide him to express himself by means of waterclour painting to depict this attractive picturesque landscape, with its wealth of gorgeous and splendid colours, a delight for whoever wants to discover and appreciate this natural beauty. This majestic atmosphere is interpreted with a great sensibility and is always present in the artist’s works.
His main objective is to go ahead and keep rogressing technically so as to express himself without any constraint or obligation but for pleasure’s sake only, just letting colours burst out in their never ending dialogue with water.

1995 :

Prix d'Honneur aux Arts de la Rue à Dijon
Prix d'Excellence à l'Académie des Arts à Lisieux
1er Prix de la Municipalité au salon de Cambremer

1996 :

1er Prix du public au salon de  Cambremer

2002 :

Grand Prix du Conseiller Général au Salon de Fervaques
1er Prix d'aquarelle au Salon de Saint-Martin-de-la-Lieue

2003 :

1er Prix "Marlène Pearson" au salon de Cambremer

2004 :

12-14 sur FR3 Normandie Rouen

2006 :

1er Prix de la ville de Mézidon-Canon

2007 :

Prix de la municipalité de Montfort le Gesnois (72450)
Prix "Marlene Pearson" au salon de Cambremer

2009 :

1er prix d'aquarelle au salon de Mézidon-Canon

2010 :

1er Prix d'aquarelle au Salon Interrégional des Arts Graphiques de l' UAICF

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